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Action Optimist

Inspiring remote beach cleaning and citizen science


How to tackle Remote Coastal Cleanup?

Identifying the problem and possible methods to tackle it!


Action Optimist Trials

Summer in Scotland

To test our ideas, we set off on a journey around Scotland with our camper, RIB, dinghies and paddle boards. We had two weeks to trial adventure beach cleaning and 20 volunteers around the country who were up for helping. Read our blog to find out how it went and what we learned.


Scaling it up

Optimist Class UK and Open National Championships- Weymouth 2019

We will be talking with junior sailors and their families from around the UK and the world, encouraging them to build Action Optimist adventure beach cleaning into their sailing activities back home. It's the perfect thing to do when there's no wind!


Looking Ahead

Developing Action Optimist as a mindset for the outdoors community- linking and providing a platform for people who are passionate about restoring the balance of nature in our wild places.

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