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Why Action Optimist?

What are we trying to achieve?

  • Remove large amounts of marine litter from remote coastlines where it is breaking down, killing wildlife and entering the food chain.

  • Collect survey data about "historic pollution" for scientific research and as evidence to drive government policy.

  • Foster a deeper appreciation for nature by spending time in the natural environment.

  • Promote and celebrate beach cleaning adventures everywhere!

  • Share stories and build friendships within our communities and around the world.

  • Encourage dinghy sailors and others to use their skills for environmental work. 

  • Introduce methods of scientific research and collaboration to encourage logical thinking and curiosity, may lead to a lifelong interest, career, and/or a greater appreciation for our planet.

  • Promote links to existing marine pollution data bases to increase citizen science.

  • Empower young (and not so young) to take positive action. Getting out into the environment, making friends, volunteering and solving practical problems are ways to move beyond "eco grief" and towards innovative solutions, helping our mental health.

  • Use social media in order to increase the impact of our collective actions, including the simple things people can do at home to help to reduce our environmental footprint.

  • Encourage a creative volunteering mindset. Councils cannot reach these places and the plastic, driven ashore by prevailing winds, can only accumulate. 

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