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A new team...

We headed off from Nairn feeling pleased with our efforts. We had trialled the idea of towing boats full of trash and it had worked! So we set off to go visit our next helpers, old friends who had signed up for they weren't sure exactly what, last summer over a pot of tea at their kitchen table. No strangers to outdoor adventures or to volunteering, they did not take much persuading! 35 year ago, Jackie and I had been friends at Edinburgh Uni Sub Aqua Club, spending our time bouncing around in RIBs and exploring the then pristine Scottish coastlines. Over the years our children had become friends too, now ranging from 14-22 years old.

We had some van housekeeping to do so we had a recharge day...everything we owned was, VHF radios, phones, laptop. We checked the forecast, looked at the charts and made our plans. But mainly we just chilled and enjoyed the sun. The wind was building, but we had an offer of a yurt by the beach at our next stop. We would set off for the west coast in the morning.

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